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    XPS data analysis is a data processing method to obtain the structural composition of the sample through a series of operations, such as calibration, peak separation, fitting, comparison, integration and so on. The commonly used XPS data analysis software includes xps peak fit, Origin, CasaXPS and so on. Through XPS data analysis, we can get the information of element composition, content, chemical valence state, functional group type, chemical bonding mode and so on.

    T,C&A Lab provides reasonable data processing results to ensure the rationality and authenticity of data processing.

    XPS Data Processing and Interpretation

    Introduction to XPS data analysis details:

    • XPS data analysis can perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of the full spectrum, fine-spectrum quantitative analysis, and label the chemical state, peak position and content of the fitted elements.
    • In addition, XPS data analysis can also be used to analyze special data such as ARXPS line scan, face scan, and depth analysis. The software used includes XPS Peak, CASA XPS, Multipak and Avantage. The main analysis method is to find data, and judge the element composition, chemical state, valence, etc. according to the peak shape, binding energy and other information of the data.
    • Data requirements: there are peaks in the fine spectrum that needs to be analyzed.

    Service notes:

    • XPS analysis is based on the known test data and XPS data processing rules. We respect the facts and guarantee the accuracy and rationality of the analysis data, but we cannot guarantee that the analysis results fully meet your expectations.
    • The analysis of the fine spectrum of XPS is to analyze the chemical state and valence state of the elements.

    Our XPS data analysis capabilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Peak fitting
    • Peak fitting + content analysis
    • Peak fitting + peak position/valence calibration + content analysis
    • Peak fitting + peak position/valence calibration + content analysis + mapping

    XPS data analysis results provide the following format files (Excel, dat, txt, xps, png, opj, VGP one or more), you can use Origin to draw the map, the peak split does not include the drawing, if you need to make a drawing, please separate make a description.

    T,C&A Lab

    You can send the raw data in VGD, EXCEL, VMS and other formats to us, and explain the sample and analysis requirements. T,C&A Lab will give you a free evaluation of the feasibility of data quality analysis as soon as possible.

    Service Process

    Service Process


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    Note: this service is for Research Use Only and Not intended for clinical use.

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