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    Chemical reagents are raw materials and preparations made by synthetic or semi-synthetic methods. They are relative standard materials for chemical research and component analysis. They are widely used in the synthesis, separation, qualitative and quantitative analysis of substances. In addition, they are closely related to the daily work of hospitals, research institutes, factories and so on. So far, chemical reagents have been widely used in all walks of life in industry, agriculture, medical and health, life sciences, inspection and quarantine, environmental protection, energy development, national defense and military industry, scientific research and national economy. The quality of chemical reagents involves national health, social stability and economic development.

    Chemical Reagents Testing

    T,C&A Lab is a comprehensive third-party testing organization integrating inspection, analysis, testing and consulting services. It has rich experience in chemical reagent testing and is equipped with advanced testing equipment to ensure the accuracy of data.

    Testing range of chemical reagents

    • Inorganic chemical reagents testing
    • Elemental substances, oxides, inorganic acids, inorganic bases, halides, sulfates, nitrates, carbonates, etc.

    • Organic chemical reagents testing
    • Alkanes, benzene, organic acids, anhydrides, alcohols, ethers, esters, amines, organic salts, aldehydes, ketones, etc.

    • Benchmark reagents testing
    • First benchmark reagents, working benchmark reagents, pH benchmark reagents, indicators, biochemical reagents, clinical analysis reagents, etc.

    • Content-based
    • Standard solution, standard impurity solution, line standard reagent, indicator reagent, analytical reagent, class I reagent, class II reagent, ultra-pure reagent, high purity reagent, equivalent reagent.

    • Use-based
    • Chemical reagents, general reagents, analytical reagents, diagnostic reagents, teaching reagents, experimental reagents, separation tools, buffer solutions, indicator reagents, biological chromatin, photosensitive materials, synthetic reagents, intermediates, chemical raw materials, water quality analysis, pesticide residue testing, molecular biology reagents, etc.

    • Source-based
    • Natural substance extraction reagent, extract, dry powder, extract, etc.

    • Based on nature
    • Inorganic reagents, organic reagents, isotopes and labeled compounds, biochemical reagents, amino acids and their derivatives, proteins and polypeptides, nucleotides and their derivatives, monosaccharides and polysaccharides, enzymes and coenzymes, antibiotics, vitamins, dyes and pigments, culture medium, chromatographic medium, electrophoresis medium, biological buffer, etc.

    Chemical reagent testing items

    • Inorganic performance testing
    • Compound content, moisture, chloride, heavy metal content, burning residue, pH value, boiling point, melting point, insoluble content, density, whiteness, 105℃ volatiles, sieve residue, oil absorption, particle size distribution, activation determination, pH, packing density, etc.

    • Organic performance testing
    • Purity and impurity content, acidity, moisture, chromaticity, evaporation residue, crystallization point, hydroxyl compounds, polymerization inhibitors, peroxides, pH value, total aldehyde content, boiling range, boiling point, melting point, alcohol content, density, etc.

    • Analyze projects
    • Content testing, composition identification, composition analysis and formula reduction, etc.

    Chemical reagent testing standards include, but are not limited to:

    • ISO 6353-1:1982 Reagents for chemical analysis - Part 1: General test methods
    • ISO 6353-2:1983 Reagents for chemical analysis - Part 2: Specifications — First series
    • ISO 6353-3:1987 Reagents for chemical analysis - Part 3: Specifications — Second series
    • ISO 3696:1987 Water for analytical laboratory use - Specification and test methods
    • ISO 918:1983 Volatile organic liquids for industrial use - Determination of distillation characteristics

    Note: this service is for Research Use Only and Not intended for clinical use.

    T,C & A LAB is an independent lab providing quality or custom testing, characterization and analysis of a variety of materials. Our engaged experts are ready to help you.

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