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    Meteorite Testing

    Because numerous celestial bodies or meteorites formed at the same time as our solar system millions of years ago, it is crucial to detect and study these objects. We can learn a great deal about the development and properties of our solar system by studying these meteorites. Alfa Chemistry offers a professional meteorite identification and testing service for people, museums, universities and companies who believe in meteorites.

    We accept a wide range of samples, including those that can be quickly and easily identified under a microscope, like granite, lava, limestone, magnetite, and hematite. Samples of known geological elements do not require nickel testing. Alfa Chemistry helps customers achieve the quickest and most accurate results in meteorite analysis and diagnosis services with our team of professionals and cutting-edge labs.

    Our main testing methods are as follows:

    Alfa Chemistry's experts examine hundreds of elements and compounds as well as the material's carbonyl structure to test the elemental analysis, chemistry, and characterization of all meteorites that come from space.

    Nickel is rare on Earth, but is almost always present in meteorites. We might decide to perform a nickel test if a probable meteorite passes the magnet test and appears promising following a visual inspection. Numerous items that are frequently mistaken for meteorites can be ruled out by the nickel test. A little amount of the item to be examined is ground into a fine powder, and then it is dissolved in nitric acid. The outcomes are then examined using a variety of procedures.

    Specialist Testing Capabilities

    Performing nickel content tests requires moderately cut samples. With its high level of technology and cutting edge infrastructure, Alfa Chemistry can perform more complex tests without damaging the sample. Our meteorite tests can use accelerated ions to determine the composition of the sample very accurately.

    In short, this means that the chemical composition of a sample can be explored without cutting it on a diamond saw.

    The results appear on the computer screen within seconds and the composition analysis shows a nickel content of between 3% and 10%, which is almost certainly a genuine meteorite.

    Meteorite Samples

    How to send a test sample

    Customers do not need to submit an entire sample unless it is very small. All that is required is a small, marble-sized sample or 10 to 20 grams for testing. Break or cut off a piece from any area of the sample. Please do not send any samples larger than the size of a golf ball.

    For more information please contact us.

    Note: this service is for Research Use Only and Not intended for clinical use.