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    Mineral Testing

    Alfa Chemistry is a pioneer in the field of mineral testing and provides its clients with a wide range of comprehensive quality assurance mineral testing services. By offering precise and trustworthy information on mineral composition analysis, we support the minerals and ores business. Around 300 distinct minerals, ores, and processed minerals have now been sampled and evaluated by Alfa Chemistry. We employ both conventional wet chemical techniques and cutting-edge instrumental techniques.

    Our testing laboratory is equipped with instruments including XRF, ICP, AAS, calorimeters, hydrocarbon, nitrogen, and sulfur meters, thermogravimetric analyzers, etc. That can detect mineral compositions at high percentages to ppb levels. In our lab, we can also examine physical characteristics like HGI, TML, FMP, crushing index, drum index, annealing rate, CSR-CRI index, etc. For mineral testing, Alfa Chemistry guarantees an usual return time of 48 hours.

    The types of products we can test are as follows:

    LimestoneLead OreCeramic MaterialsSandAluminum Ore
    Iron OreZinc OreBuilding LimeMicaClay
    CementZircon OreAbrasive MaterialsPhosphate RockGlass
    MagnesiteAsbestosDolomiteCopper OreRefractory
    Grinding MaterialsTalcManganese OreMolybdenum OreStone

    Our test parameters are as follows:

    Total MoistureHeat ShockSilicon DioxideZirconiumChromium
    Free MoistureMercuryMagnesium OxideFluorineZinc
    Loss on BurnNitrogenChlorideSeleniumNickel
    Iron OxideCombined WaterAlkalinityHeavy MetalsThermal Conductivity
    Calcium OxideSolid ContentAttrition LossAcid Soluble MatterChromium
    Sodium OxideDead LimeSwelling PowerAcid Insoluble MatterMolybdenum
    Potassium OxideWhitenessBoil TestWater Soluble MatterTellurium
    Barium OxideOil AbsorptionDimensionsSieve AnalysisCarbon
    BoronAcidityAluminaFree SilicaWater Insolubles
    CobaltPhosphateTitaniaFree LimepH Value
    ArsenicManganeseSulphatesCopperVolatile Matter
    Moh's HardnessAvailable LimeCarbonatesSpecific GravityAsh Content
    Oil ContentGel Formation

    Our specialized research capabilities are as follows:

    • Comparative study of refractory materials.
    • Trace metal analysis in the glass.
    • Study of hazardous metals in toy manufacturing.
    • Complete inorganic analysis of boiler scale/sediment.
    • Analysis of raw materials from different cement manufacturing plants.
    • Development of new analytical methods.
    • Development of reference materials.

    Mineral Testing Samples

    Mineral Analysis Techniques

    Elemental Analysis

    We quickly ascertain the elemental makeup of geological and mineral samples using distinctive X-rays. The often non-destructive X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technique is the gold standard for accurate, non-destructive elemental analysis.

    Similar to XRF, energy dispersive spectroscopy in electron microscopy enables geologists to recognize elements and phases at a tiny level.

    Structural Analysis

    On a monolithic or microscopic size, we use diffraction techniques to ascertain the crystal structure of gems and minerals. Any polycrystalline material, including monolithic solids, thin films, and powders, can be conveniently analyzed by X-ray diffractometers.

    Raman spectroscopy can identify silicate, oxide, and carbonate vein minerals as well as minerals with light elements like carbon and fluorine, as well as polycrystalline forms like iron sulfide and other sulfides containing trace elements like iron in sphalerite. Raman imaging and mapping of surfaces and inclusions are also possible with a Raman microprobe.

    For more information please contact us.

    Note: this service is for Research Use Only and Not intended for clinical use.

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