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    Packaging is considered to be one of the best means to protect the quality of packaging products, and it also helps to present the products perfectly in front of buyers and customers. Reliable packing is an integral part of product supply. The mechanical strength, air permeability and sealing ability of the packaging materials determine whether the packaging materials are suitable for the intended use. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the characteristics of the packaging material in order to select the appropriate material for any product. In addition, it is also important to study the chemical stability of packaging materials, especially when they are used in food applications to ensure the safety of products. More importantly, packaging material testing ensures that the product is protected from packaging damage or degradation during transportation and distribution. These types of tests can also help reduce packaging costs by determining the level of protection required and reducing the necessary quantity of packaging materials.

    Packaging Materials Testing

    Testing range of packaging materials:

    • Paper packaging materials
    • Plastic packaging materials
    • Composite flexible packaging materials
    • Metal materials
    • Ceramic materials
    • Glass materials
    • Wood materials
    • Stamping materials
    • Hot stamping material
    • Adhesives, coatings
    • Packaging auxiliary materials

    Testing Methods for Packaging Materials

    Testing items Methods Standards

    Mechanical Properties

    Compression Test

    ASTM D695-15, ASTM D3410/D3410M-16, ASTM D6641/D6641M-16e1,  ISO 604:20

    Tensile Test

    ASTM D638-14, ASTM D882, ASTM D3039, ASTM D1708-13, ISO 527-1:2012

    Vibration Test

    ASTM D3580 – 95(2015), ASTM D999 – 08(2015), ISO 8318:2000, ISO 2247:2000

    Drop Test

    ASTM D5276-98(2017), ISO 2248:1985

    Impact Test

    ASTM D880, ASTM D4003, ASTM D5277, ISO 2244:2000, ISO 2248:1985, ISO 13355:2016

    Heat Seal Integrity

    ASTM F1886/F1886M – 16, ASTM F1921/F1921M-12e1, ASTM F88/F88M-15, ASTM F2391 – 05 (2016)

    Physical Properties

    Thickness Measurement

    ASTM F2251-13 2013

    Gloss Detection

    ASTM D523, ASTM D2457

    Leak Testing

    ASTM F2096-11, ASTM D3078-02 (2013), ASTM F2338-09 (2013), ASTM F3169-16, ASTM F3039-15, ASTM D4991-07 (2015)

    Water Vapor Transmission Rate

     ASTM F1249

    Gas Permeability Testing

    ASTM F1927-14, ASTM D3985-05(2010)e1, ASTM F1307-14

    Biodegradability Testing

    Soil Burial Method

    Microbiological Degradation Test

    Enzymatic Degradation Test

    Thermal Analysis

    Differential Scanning Calorimetry

    ASTM D3418 – 15, ASTM D6604 – 00 (2013), ASTM E1356 – 08 (2014), ASTM E2602 – 09 (2015), ISO 11357-2, ISO 11357-3

    Thermogravimetric Analysis

    Thermomechanical Analysis

    Chemical Testing

    Testing of Migration from Packaging Material

    Why choose T,CA & Lab?

    • Use the corresponding detection method
    • The packaging materials used by different products are different, and some packaging also need other auxiliary materials, if the quality testing is carried out in accordance with the unified method, this is obviously not feasible. Therefore, when testing the packaging materials, it is necessary to select the corresponding testing method according to the material type of the tested object.

    • Testing items are comprehensive
    • The testing items for each packaging material are not single. When testing packaging materials, a detailed testing plan should be formulated according to the type of material to ensure comprehensive testing and avoid missed testing and false testing.

    • Perfect testing records
    • When testing packaging materials, our staff need to make test records along with the test items to ensure that the test behavior is traceable. When there is any objection to the test results, it can be traced back according to the test records.


    1. Jayan, H.; et al. Testing methods for packaging materials. Bio-based Materials for Food Packaging. Springer, Singapore, 2018. 57-79.

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