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    Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) is a powerful technique that can be used to study the surface structure of solid materials including insulators. It is mainly used to measure the surface morphology, surface potential, friction, viscoelasticity, I/V curve and other surface properties of substances. It can image almost all types of surfaces, including polymers, ceramics, composites, glass, and biological samples.

    As a professional reliability third-party testing organization, T,C&A Lab's Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Laboratory can provide the following services according to ISO, ASTM and other standards. Welcome to contact our experts for consultation.

    Comparison of AFM with other surface characterization tools

    Measurement environmentVacuumVacuumAir, water, gas, vacuum, etc.
    Surface heightNot possibleNot possiblePossible
    Measurement dimension2D2D3D
    Size of equipmentLargeLargeVery small
    UsageSkilled operator requiredSkilled operator requiredEasy to use
    Measurement speedFastFastSlow

    Scope of application

    AFM is widely used in various fields of surface analysis, through the analysis, induction, and summary of surface topography to obtain deeper information. It can be used to study the surface morphology, surface reconstruction, friction force of metals, semiconductors and non-metal materials, and obtain spatial three-dimensional images of information such as phase boundaries, fractal structures and lateral forces.

    Testing capabilities include but are not limited to

    • Surface properties measurement
    • Hardness and modulus measurement
    • AFM measurements for characterizations of surface treatment effects
    • Surface observation
    • Size determination
    • Surface roughness measurement
    • Granularity analysis
    • Statistical processing of bumps and pits
    • Evaluation of film forming conditions
    • Measurement of the size step of the protective layer
    • Evaluation of flatness of interlayer insulation film
    • VCD coating evaluation
    • Evaluation of the rubbing treatment process of oriented film
    • Defect analysis

    Standards we test to

    • ASTM E2382, ASTM E2859
    • ISO/DTR 13096, ISO 13095, ISO 21222, ISO 28600, ISO/DIS 23729, ISO 13095, ISO 19606, ISO/TR 11811, ISO 11775

    In addition, the experts in our Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Laboratory also provide a variety of custom services as your needs and requirements. Let's discuss the custom services with our experts for free.

    Instruments and data

    Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Lab Services
    Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Lab


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    Note: this service is for Research Use Only and Not intended for clinical use.


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