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    Bending test is a test to determine the mechanical properties of materials under bending load, and it is one of the basic methods to test the mechanical properties of materials. Bending test is mainly used to determine the bending strength of brittle and low plastic materials (such as cast iron, high carbon steel, tool steel, etc.) and can reflect the deflection of plastic index. The bending test can also be used to check the surface quality of the material. As a professional reliability third-party testing organization, T, C&A Lab can perform bending tests on gray iron, ceramics, alloy and other materials according to ISO, ASTM and other standards.

    T, C&A Lab's test methods include but are not limited to:

    • Three-point bending test

    Three-point bending test is an experimental method to test the mechanical properties of metal bending, which is often used to test the specifications of related metal products. The specimen is placed on two support points with a certain distance, and the specimen is subjected to a downward load at the midpoint of the two support points. When the three contact points of the specimen form two equal moments, three-point bending will occur, and the specimen will fracture at the midpoint.

    Bending Testing

    • Four-point bending test

    Four-point bending test is a test method to measure the bending properties of materials. The strip sample is placed horizontally in the bending test fixture to form a simply supported beam. The distance between the two lower support points of the supporting sample can be adjusted according to the length of the sample, and there are two symmetrical loading points above the sample. The bending moment of the test is uniformly distributed, and the test results are more accurate.

    Bending Testing

    Samples T, C&A Lab can testing include but are not limited to:

    • Gray cast iron

    The flexural performance of gray cast iron is better than the tensile performance, and the flexural strength is an important mechanical performance index of gray cast iron.

    • Cemented carbide

    These materials are difficult to process and difficult to make into tensile specimens. The shape of the bending sample is simple, so the bending test is used to evaluate its performance and quality.

    • Ceramic materials and tool steel

    It is difficult to measure the tensile strength of these brittle materials, and the sample processing is also difficult, so the bending test is adopted.

    • Surface heat treatment layer

    Detect and compare the quality and performance of the surface heat treatment layer. Because the bending test is sensitive to material surface defects.

    • Materials under bending load

    Detect the performance of materials under bending load, because many mechanical parts work under bending, it is necessary to perform bending tests on these parts.

    Standards we test to

    ASTM E290Standard Test Methods for Bend Testing of Material for Ductility
    ISO 7438Metallic Materials — Bend Test
    ISO 7799Metallic Materials — Sheet and Strip 3 mm Thick or Less — Reverse Bend Test
    ISO 7801Metallic Materials — Wire — Reverse Bend Test

    In addition, the experts in our Bending Testing Laboratory also provide a variety of custom tests as you need. Let's discuss the customized service with our experts for free.

    Instruments and data

    Bending Testing
    Bending Testing


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