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    Corrosion testing is a material test that detects the chemical or physical (or mechanical)-chemical damage process caused by the interaction of metals or other materials with the environment. Through the corrosion test, we can grasp the characteristics of the corrosion system composed of materials and environment, so as to further understand the corrosion mechanism, and then control the corrosion process of the product to achieve the purpose of prolonging the life of the product. TCA Lab provides a wide range of ASTM corrosion testing, including ASTM B117 salt spray testing and many other corrosion testing services, and executes them in accordance with industry specifications to ensure the performance of metals, coatings and coatings.

    T,C&A Lab can help you

    • Manage production processes and control product quality

    • Determine the adaptability of various anti-corrosion measures in a given environment

    • In the determined material/medium system, estimate the service life of the material

    • Evaluation of corrosion resistance of materials

    • Choose materials suitable for use in specific corrosive media

    • Study the effects of impurities and additives in the environment on corrosion rate and corrosion morphology

    • Study the effect of corrosion products on products or the environment

    • In the event of an accident, track down the cause and find a solution to the problem

    • Perform a reproducibility test when analyzing the cause of component failure

    • Study the corrosion mechanism

    • Research and development of new corrosion resistant materials

    Instruments and data

    Corrosion Testing
    Corrosion Testing
    Corrosion Testing
    Corrosion Testing
    Corrosion Testing
    Corrosion Testing

    Note: this service is for Research Use Only and Not intended for clinical use.


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