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    The loss of the specified function of the product is called failure. The technical activities and management activities of judging the mode of failure, finding the cause and mechanism of the failure, and proposing countermeasures to prevent re-failure are called failure analysis. Failure analysis can be divided into complete machine failure analysis and component debris failure analysis, and failure analysis can also be carried out according to product development stage, failure occasion, and analysis purpose. The working procedure of failure analysis is usually divided into the stages of clear requirements, investigation and research, analysis of failure mechanism and countermeasures. As a professional reliability third-party testing organization, T,C&A Lab can provide Failure Analysis service according to ISO, ASTM standards and industry requirements. Welcome to contact our experts for consultation.

    The role of failure analysis

    • Reduce and prevent the repeated occurrence of failures of similar mechanical parts, guarantee product quality, and improve product competitiveness.
    • Analyze the reasons for the failure of mechanical parts and provide scientific basis for the identification of accident liability, the detection of criminal cases, the determination of liability for compensation, insurance business, and the revision of product quality standards.
    • Provide information for enterprise technology development and technological transformation, increase the technical content of enterprise products, and obtain greater economic benefits.

    Our failure analysis capabilities include

    • Failure analysis at the development stage of new products: Perform failure analysis on failed developed products.
    • Failure analysis in the trial phase of the product: Carry out failure analysis on failed test products.
    • Failure analysis in the use phase of the finalized product: Perform failure analysis on the failed finalized product.
    • Failure analysis in the use phase of repair products: Perform failure analysis on failed repair products.

    Our failure analysis scopes include, but are not limited to

    • Metal materials and products: Corrosion failure, fracture failure, deformation failure, wear failure
    • Non-metallic materials and products
      • Rubber: Stress relaxation and creep failure, stiffness failure, fatigue failure, stability failure, frosting, bond failure, ultimate load failure
      • Plastics: Fracture or crack, degradation, creep and stress relaxation, deformation, yellowing
      • Coating: Chalking, cracking, blistering, peeling
      • Glass: Yellowing, fogging, cracking, fluffing, discoloration, strength decrease
    • Other materials: Blistering, delamination, discoloration, foreign matter

    Workflow of failure analysis

    • Structural analysis of failed machinery

    The relationship between failure parts and related parts, and the preliminary determination of load form and force direction.

    • Macroscopic analysis of failed parts

    Observe the failed parts with eyes or a magnifying glass, and roughly judge the failure type.

    • Microscopic Analysis of failed parts

    The micro-morphology of the failed parts is observed by metallographic microscope and electron microscope, and the failure types and causes are analyzed.

    The chemical composition of failed parts is determined by modern analytical instruments such as spectrometer and energy spectrometer.

    The tensile strength, bending strength, impact toughness, hardness and other mechanical properties of materials are measured by tensile testing machine, bending testing machine, impact testing machine and hardness testing machine.

    • Stress testing

    Measuring stress with x-ray stress tester

    • Analysis of the composition phase of the failed material

    Analyze the composition phase of the failed material with an X-ray structure analyzer.

    • Simulation test (if necessary)

    The test is carried out under the same working condition, or under the simulated working condition.

    Standards we test to

    • ASTM G161
    • ISO 16159, ISO/WD 5461

    In addition, the experts in our Failure Analysis Laboratory also provide a variety of custom services as your needs and requirements. Let's discuss the custom services with our experts for free.

    Instruments and data

    Failure Analysis
    Failure Analysis Service

    T,C&A Lab's services include, but are not limited to

    Note: this service is for Research Use Only and Not intended for clinical use.


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