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    Hardness is the ability of a material to resist harder objects pressing into its surface. According to the different test methods and the scope of application, the hardness unit can be divided into Brinell hardness, Vickers hardness, Rockwell hardness and many other types. Different units have different test methods, which are suitable for materials or occasions with different characteristics. Hardness testing is not only one of the important indexes to test the properties of materials, but also one of the fastest and most economical test methods. The reason why it can become a common method of mechanical properties test is that the hardness test can reflect the differences in chemical composition, structure and treatment process of materials. It is often used as a means of supervision in various industries. T, C&A Lab can conduct hardness testing on various materials according to ASTM and ISO specifications, and other standards that customer requirements.

    The test methods we provide include but are not limited to:

    • Brinell Hardness Testing

    Application scope: Used when the material is soft, such as non-ferrous metals, steel before or after heat treatment.

    • Rockwell Hardness Testing

    Application scope:
    HRA, used for materials with high hardness, such as steel sheet, cemented carbide.
    HRB, used for materials with low hardness, such as mild steel, non-ferrous metals, annealed steel and so on.
    HRC, used for materials with high hardness, such as quenched steel, cast iron and so on.

    • Vickers Hardness Testing

    Application scope: Almost all metal materials used in the industry can be measured, from very soft materials (several Vickers hardness units) to very hard materials (3000 Vickers hardness units).

    • Microhardness Testing

    Application scope: Hardness determination of brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, minerals, etc.

    • Knoop Hardness Testing

    Application scope: Especially suitable for testing hard and brittle materials, often used to test enamel, glass, synthetic diamond, cermet and minerals and other materials.

    • Shore Hardness Testing

    Application scope: Non-metallic materials such as plastics, rubber and glass.

    • Mohs Hardness Testing

    Application scope: Measure the hardness of minerals.

    Standards we test to

    ASTM E18Standard Test Methods for Rockwell Hardness of Metallic Materials
    ASTM E10Standard Test Method for Brinell Hardness of Metallic Materials
    ASTM A370Standard Test Methods and Definitions for Mechanical Testing of Steel Products
    ASTM E92Standard Test Methods for Vickers Hardness and Knoop Hardness of Metallic Materials
    ASTM E110Standard Test Method for Rockwell and Brinell Hardness of Metallic Materials by Portable Hardness Testers
    ASTM E384Standard Test Method for Microindentation Hardness of Materials
    ISO 6506Metallic Materials — Brinell Hardness Test
    ISO 6507Metallic Materials — Vickers Hardness Test
    ISO 6508Metallic Materials — Rockwell Hardness Test
    AS 1815Metallic Haterials - Rockwell Hardness Test Method
    AS 1816Metallic Materials - Brinell Hardness Test
    AS 1817Metallic Materials - Vickers Hardness Test methods
    NASM-1312-6Fastener Test Methods, Method 6, Hardness

    In addition, the experts in our Hardness/Microhardness Testing Laboratory also provide a variety of custom tests as you need. Let's discuss the customized service with our experts for free.

    Instruments and data

    Hardness/Microhardness Testing 1
    Hardness/Microhardness Testing 2
    Hardness/Microhardness Testing 3
    Hardness/Microhardness Testing 4
    Hardness/Microhardness Testing 5


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    Note: this service is for Research Use Only and Not intended for clinical use.


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