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  • High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Corrosion Testing

    HPHT corrosion test is a kind of metal cracking related to corrosion and tensile stress (residual, external) in a high temperature and high pressure environment. The HPHT corrosion test is a kind of simulated working condition corrosion test, which can simulate the actual pressure and temperature environment of the material to evaluate the corrosion resistance of the material in this HPHT environment. Examples of service environments where HP and HPHT corrosion tests have been utilized include chemical processing, petroleum production. T,C&A Lab has multiple sets of high-temperature autoclave systems with a temperature of 350 °C and a pressure of 30 MPa, which can perform HPHT corrosion tests and simulated working conditions tests according to various working conditions.

    Methods and standards we test to

    • NACE TM0177 Laboratory Testing of Metals for Resistance to Sulfide Stress Cracking and Stress Corrosion Cracking in H2S Environments

    The standard recommends 4 test methods: method A - Tensile, method B - Bent-Beam, method C - C-ring, and method D - Double Cantilever Bea. The test environment can be normal temperature and pressure, or higher temperature and pressure conditions. The recommended test solution has a higher concentration and a lower pH value, which is an accelerated test and is a relatively harsh test standard. There are two reasons for using HPHT tests: one is that the material is different, and the sensitive temperature for cracking is also different; the other is to better simulate the actual service environment of the material and predict the worst service conditions. The results of the HPHT test are best compared with the results of the normal temperature and pressure test.

    • ASTM G111 Standard Guide for Corrosion Tests in High Temperature or High Pressure Environment, or Both

    This guide describes the use of corrosion coupons, stressed SCC specimens, and electrochemical electrodes in HP and HPHT environments. It also includes guidelines for the use of high pressure test cells with these specimens to conduct reproducible, accurate corrosion the data.

    • Others

    In addition, the experts in our High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Corrosion Testing Laboratory also provide a variety of custom tests as you need. Let's discuss the customized service with our experts for free.

    We hold extensive experience at facilitating and supplying solutions for:

    • Oil and gas industry (H2S, CO2)

    • Pharmaceutical and food industry (high temperatures in e.g. evaporators, boilers, reactors)

    • Biogas- and waste handling (H2S, H2SO4)

    • Chemical and petrochemical industries (large spectrum of chemicals, products, processes)

    Why choose T,C&A Lab

    T,C&A Lab has a group of professional and technical personnel who have made remarkable achievements in the industry and have rich experience in testing. Adhering to the concept of focus, professionalism, and efficiency, the company actively increases projects and improves more advanced testing equipment to ensure the high-quality and efficient completion of every testing, analysis, and R&D task. At the same time, through professional expertise, we provide timely industry technical standard information and more sophisticated analysis and testing solutions for tens of thousands of high-quality customers around the world.

    Instruments and data

    HPHT Corrosion Testing
    HPHT Corrosion Testing
    HPHT Corrosion Testing
    HPHT Corrosion Testing


    1. Cui, L.; et al. Experimental Study on Corrosion of J55 Casing Steel and N80 Tubing Steel in High Pressure and High Temperature Solution Containing CO2 and NaCl. J Bio Tribo Corros 7, 13 (2021)
    2. Guraieb, P.; et al . Corrosion and scale at high pressure high temperature[M]// Trends in Oil and Gas Corrosion Research and Technologies. 2017.

    Note: this service is for Research Use Only and Not intended for clinical use.


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