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    Material ingredients analysis refers to a technical method that analyzes the composition of a product or sample through a map, and performs qualitative and quantitative analysis of each composition. Ingredient analysis is mainly used for the analysis of unknowns and unknown components. It can identify materials, raw materials, additives, specific components and content, foreign objects and other information by quickly determining the compositions in the target sample. T,C&A Lab can provide a full range of ingredient analysis services for rubber products, plastic products, coatings, food, medicine, chemicals, metal products, oil products, electronics, machinery, lighting, furniture and other industries and related products.

    T,C&A Lab can provide you with the following help

    • Understand the ingredients of raw materials and quality control

    • Analyze the product formula and quickly restore the basic formula

    • Look for evidence of product labels

    • Prove that the product does not contain an ingredient

    • Find the reasons of product performance decline

    • Understand the content of ingredients in order to understand the performance of product

    • Solve the problems in production process

    • Compare the products of different periods

    • Quickly find the causes of unknown objects and eliminate hidden dangers

    • Used for product formulation improvement and imitation production

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    Note: this service is for Research Use Only and Not intended for clinical use.


    T,C & A LAB is an independent lab providing quality or custom testing, characterization and analysis of a variety of materials. Our engaged experts are ready to help you.

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