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    A layer compression test, also known as film mechanical testing, is a service that tests the mechanical properties of thin film materials. Mechanical testing is an important means of evaluating the mechanical properties of thin film materials and can be used to determine their strength, stiffness, toughness and other properties.

    Thin film mechanical testing services have a wide range of applications covering many industries and fields, such as the packaging industry, electronics industry, medical devices, aerospace and aviation. Conducting mechanical testing can help customers understand the physical properties of thin film materials, guide the product design and manufacturing process, and ensure the reliability and safety of products in actual use.

    T, C&A Lab provides professional layer compression test services to provide accurate mechanical property analysis for your thin film material research and development. We have advanced testing equipment and an experienced team that can perform compression testing of thin films at different temperatures and stress conditions.

    Layer Compression Test

    T, C&A Lab's test methods include but are not limited to

    • Modulus of Elasticity Measurement

    We are able to accurately determine the modulus of elasticity of a material under out-of-plane compressive loading. This helps to evaluate the stiffness and elastic recovery properties of the material.

    • Plastic Yield Measurement

    The plastic yield of a thin film material is its ability to deform plastically under out-of-plane loading. Our test method determines the plastic yield point of a material, which helps you evaluate its plasticity and deformation behavior.

    • Viscoelastic Property Analysis

    We can study the viscoelastic behavior of materials. This involves a material's ability to dissipate energy and recover during loading and unloading, providing you with a detailed analysis of a material's viscous and elastic properties.

    • Tensile Damage Analysis

    Our test methods also allow analysis of the damage behavior of materials under tensile loading. By observing the damage patterns and damage mechanics of films during loading, we are able to provide important information about the strength and fracture toughness of the material.

    • Bending and Slip Studies of Plates

    We can also be used to study the bending and slip behavior of plates under out-of-plane uniaxial compression and tension. This helps to understand the deformation mechanisms of the material and how it behaves in applications.

    Experimental layer compression test.

    Samples T, C&A Lab can testing include but are not limited to

    • Metallic Nanofilms

    Metallic thin films have unique properties at the nanoscale, such as high strength, and good electrical and thermal conductivity. Mechanical testing of metallic nanofilms can assess their mechanical properties such as strength, ductility and toughness.

    • Polymer Nanofilms

    Polymer films exhibit properties at the nanoscale that are different from those at the macroscale. Mechanical testing can evaluate the properties of nanopolymer films such as modulus of elasticity, strength, and wear resistance.

    • Ceramic Nanofilms

    Ceramic films have excellent hardness and abrasion resistance and are suitable for a variety of coating and protective film applications. Mechanical testing can evaluate the hardness, modulus of elasticity, and scratch resistance of nanoceramic films.

    • Nanocomposite Films

    Nanocomposite films consist of nano layers of different materials with a combination of excellent properties. Mechanical testing evaluates nanocomposite films for properties such as interfacial adhesion strength, flexural strength and abrasion resistance.

    • Oxide Nanofilms

    Oxide films have good optical, electrical and magnetic properties at the nanoscale. Mechanical testing can evaluate mechanical properties such as hardness, modulus of elasticity and toughness of oxide nanofilms.

    These are just a few samples of common nanofilm materials, mechanical testing of more types of nanofilm materials can be discussed by contacting us.


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    Note: this service is for Research Use Only and Not intended for clinical use.


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