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  • Micro-Raman Spectroscopy Testing

    The micro-Raman spectroscopy measurement system is based on the Raman spectroscopy system, which focuses the incident laser on the sample through the microscope, so that without interference from the surrounding materials. Various Raman spectral information about the chemical composition, crystal structure, molecular interaction and molecular orientation of the irradiated sample can be accurately obtained. The micro-Raman spectroscopy measurement system can be widely used in food safety, drug testing, environmental testing and other fields. As a professional reliability third-party testing organization, T,C&A Lab's Micro-Raman Testing Technique can perform a full range of analysis services according to ISO, ASTM and other standards as well as industry requirements. Welcome to contact our experts for consultation.

    Capabilities of micro-Raman spectrometry include but are not limited to

    • Chemical composition

    • Crystal structure

    • Molecular interaction

    • Molecular orientation

    Features of micro-Raman testing technique

    • No contact and damage to the sample

    • The sample does not need to be prepared

    • Rapid analysis, identify the characteristics and structure of various materials

    • It needs less samples and is suitable for sample micro area

    Our test cases include, but are not limited to

    • Handwriting identification

    Raman spectra are collected from the ink left on paper by pens, ballpoint pens and pencils. Their peak positions, intensities and distributions are completely different, so as to realize different handwriting identification.

    • Material field

    The composite materials, nano materials and electrode materials are characterized.

    • Cultural relic archaeology

    In order to protect cultural relics, non-destructive analysis is needed, and the amount of these analytes is very small. In these cases, micro-Raman is very suitable.

    • Pigment particles

    The individual grains have been identified by micro-Raman microscopy.

    • Biomedical science

    Detection of proteins in a single intact cell.

    Instruments and data

    Micro-Raman Spectroscopy Testing
    Micro-Raman Spectroscopy
    MRS Testing


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    Note: this service is for Research Use Only and Not intended for clinical use.


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