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Radiographic Testing (RT) Service

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    As one of the five conventional non-destructive testing methods, radiographic testing has a very wide range of applications in industry. The main application of radiographic inspection is to detect macroscopic geometric defects inside the workpiece. Radiographic detection is to make use of many characteristics of X-ray and gamma ray (such as photosensitivity) to observe the attenuation change of X-ray or gamma ray on the radiographic film in the inspected material or workpiece, to determine whether there are defects in the inspected material and workpiece, so as to evaluate its quality and use value without damaging the inspected material and workpiece. As a professional reliability third-party testing organization, T,C&A Lab can provide radiographic testing (RT) service according to ISO, ASTM standards and industry requirements. Welcome to contact our experts for consultation.

    Analysis and testing capabilities of radiographic inspection

    • Quality inspection: It can be used to detect defects in casting and welding processes.
    • Thickness measurement: It can be used for online, real-time, non-contact thickness measurement.
    • Goods inspection: It can be used for airport, station, customs inspection, structure and size determination.
    • Dynamic research: It can be used to research dynamic processes such as ballistics, explosions, nuclear technology, and casting processes.

    Our radiographic inspection capabilities

    • Computed radiography (CR)
    • Digital radiography (DR)
    • X-ray inspection
    • Gamma ray radiography inspection
    • High energy X-ray radiography inspection

    Application areas and industries of radiographic inspection

    • Piping
    • Pipelines
    • Castings
    • Forgings
    • Welds
    • Pressure vessels
    • Valves
    • Pressure-bearing equipment
    • Aerospace
    • Ships
    • Weapons
    • Hydraulic equipment
    • Bridge steel structures

    Standards we test to

    • ASTM E1032-19, ASTM E1742, ASTM E1030, ASTM E94, ASTM E2698-18e1, ASTM E2104-15, ASTM E801-16, ASTM E545-19
    • ISO 5579, ISO 4993, ISO 12721, ISO 17636, ISO 10675, ISO 10893, ISO 20769

    In addition, the experts in our Radiographic Testing (RT) Laboratory also provide a variety of custom services as your needs and requirements. Let's discuss the custom services with our experts for free.

    Instruments and data

    Radiographic Testing (RT) Services
    Radiographic Testing Services

    Note: this service is for Research Use Only and Not intended for clinical use.


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