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    The confirmation of pharmaceutical structure is generally used in pharmaceutical declaration and product verification. Structural confirmation is one of the indispensable data in the pharmaceutical application process. The data must be rigorous, professional and thorough in order to pass the review. Structural confirmation is the basis of pharmaceutical research and development, which can be used to characterize whether the structure of the prepared intermediate or API is correct, so as to lay a solid foundation for the next production of the product. Sufficient structural confirmation requires not only the use of many kinds of analytical instruments, but also technicians with rich experience in instrument application and analysis. T,C&A Lab has been engaged in confirming the structure of pharmaceuticals and has accumulated rich experience in analysis. Welcome to contact our experts for consultation.

    Our capabilities include but are not limited to

    • General pharmaceuticals
    • Chiral pharmaceuticals
    • Non-metallic organic salts and compounds
    • Metal salts and complexes
    • Semi-synthetic pharmaceuticals
    • Polymorphic pharmaceuticals
    • Medicine containing crystal water and crystal solvent
    • Peptide pharmaceuticals
    • Polysaccharide pharmaceuticals
    • Multi-component pharmaceuticals

    The main contents of pharmaceutical structure confirmation

    It is mainly divided into structural verification and inference structure

    • Skeleton structure: the order and mode of connection between atoms in the molecule
    • Configuration: the relative position of each atom in the molecule in space
    • Crystal water/crystal solvent: combine with water and organic solvents through hydrogen bonds
    • Crystal form: the arrangement of molecules or atoms in the crystal

    Structure confirmation process

    • The formulation of the research plan
    • Preparation of qualified samples
    • Acquisition of structural information
    • Comprehensive analysis

    Our techniques for structure conformation, including:

    Instruments and data

    Structure Confirmation 1
    Structure Confirmation 2


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    Note: this service is for Research Use Only and Not intended for clinical use.


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