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    The main purpose of chemical structure analysis is to study the relationship between atomic structure, molecular structure, crystal structure and properties, so as to determine the chemical structure and physicochemical properties of molecules by various means. This analysis plays an important role in the fields of biology, chemical industry, materials, scientific research, food and so on.

    T,C&A Lab conducts comprehensive tests on samples through a variety of large-scale instruments to describe the structure of organic and inorganic samples. Not only the structural formula of samples can be deduced by means of NMR, IR, MS and elemental analysis, but also can be determined by standard spectra and standard samples. At the same time, the spatial structure of substances can be reproduced by X-ray single crystal diffraction analysis, and the result is accurate and credible.

    Structural characterization process

    After the sample is purified, a variety of modern spectral techniques such as NMR, IR, MS and elemental analysis are used to analyze the element types, functional groups and carbon-hydrogen correlation of the sample, and the chemical structure of the sample is analyzed by synthesizing the data obtained. If the sample is suitable for single crystal culture, the sample is analyzed by single crystal analysis, and the three-dimensional spatial structure of the sample is obtained, including the bond length and bond angle between atoms.

    The specific structural characterization process is as follows:

    Structural Characterization

    Instruments and data


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