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    Thermal analysis is a technique to measure the change of physical properties of materials with temperature under program controlled temperature. Thermal analysis is widely used to characterize the thermal properties, physical properties, mechanical properties and stability of materials, and has a very important practical significance for the research and development of materials and quality control in production. Thermal analysis technique can quickly and accurately determine the changes of crystal transformation, melting, sublimation, adsorption, dehydration and decomposition, which is an important testing method for the physical and chemical properties of inorganic, organic and polymer materials. T,C&A Lab can provide a full range of thermal analysis services for physics, chemistry, chemical industry, metallurgy, geology, building materials, fuel, textile, food, biology and other fields.

    Thermal analysis can determine following performance parameters

    • Glass transition temperature (Tg): transition temperature between glassy state and high elastic state of amorphous polymers.
    • Melting point (Tm): the temperature at which the solid state of a fully or partially crystallized substance changes to a liquid with different viscosity.
    • Melting enthalpy: the energy required to melt a substance under constant pressure.
    • Crystallization enthalpy: the energy released by crystallizing a substance under constant pressure.
    • Crystallization temperature: the transition temperature of a substance from an amorphous liquid state to a fully or partially crystalline solid state.
    • Crystallinity: the weight percentage or volume percentage of the crystalline part in the sample.
    • Specific heat capacity (Cp).
    • Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CTE).
    • Thermal decomposition temperature (Td): the temperature at which the polymer chain begins to break and decompose when the polymer is heated.

    Instruments and data

    Thermal Analysis
    Instruments and data


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