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    Welding is a manufacturing process and technology for joining metals or other thermoplastic materials such as plastics by heating, high temperature, or high pressure. Welding quality inspection refers to the inspection of welding results, the purpose is to ensure the integrity, reliability, safety and usability of the welded structure. In addition to the requirements for welding technology and welding process, welding quality inspection is also an important part of welding structure quality management. As a professional reliability third-party testing organization, T,C&A Lab can perform welding testing according to ISO, ASTM and other standards. Welcome to contact our experts for consultation.

    T,C&A Lab's Weld Testing Methods

    There are many welding testing methods, which can be divided into destructive testing and non-destructive testing.


    Some sort of the damage takes place in the component which is being tested, the extent of damage may be more or less, but most of the time it is observed that component, which has been tested by the destructive test is damaged to such as extent that it cannot be used foo further, for the targeted application. Destructive tests include but are not limited to:

    • Mechanical performance test, such as tensile test, hardness test, bending test, fatigue test, impact test.

    • Chemical analysis test, such as chemical composition analysis, corrosion test.

    • Metallographic test, such as macro inspection, micro inspection.

    Non Destructive

    Nondestructive testing or Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a wide group of analysis techniques used in science and technology industry to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage. Major types of NDT include but are not limited to:

    Standards we test to

    ASTM E190Standard Test Method for Guided Bend Test for Ductility of Welds
    ASTM E2700Standard Practice for Contact Ultrasonic Testing of Welds Using Phased Arrays
    ASTM E2261Standard Practice for Examination of Welds Using the Alternating Current Field Measurement Technique
    ASTM E3052Standard Practice for Examination of Carbon Steel Welds Using Eddy Current Array
    ISO 5173Destructive Tests on Welds in Metallic Materials — Bend Tests
    ISO 4136Destructive Tests on Welds in Metallic Materials — Transverse Tensile Test
    ISO 5178Destructive Tests on Welds in Metallic Materials — Longitudinal Tensile Test on Weld Metal in Fusion Welded Joints

    In addition, the experts in our Weld Testing Laboratory also provide a variety of custom tests as your needs and requirements. Let's discuss the custom service with our experts for free.

    Instruments and data

    Weld Testing 1
    Weld Testing 2
    Weld Testing 3
    Weld Testing 4


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