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Product Compliance Services

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Product Compliance Services

Product compliance means that your product needs to meet all the regulatory requirements that apply to it, and product compliance services are activities and processes designed to ensure that your product meets the relevant regulatory and industry standards for its target market. Arguably, product compliance services are critical for manufacturers and suppliers to avoid legal liability, protect their brand reputation, and gain market access for their products.

Alfa Chemistry is a trusted one-stop provider of compliance consulting services. Our team of experts assists companies in achieving product compliance and enabling them to quickly gain market access. We provide comprehensive services to help customers simplify compliance processes, easily navigate regulatory requirements, and provide reliable support for their global development.

Services We Serve


China Pesticide Registration

China Pesticide Risk Assessment

Record-filing of Non-pesticide Use Product in China

Public Health Pesticide Registration in China

Biochemical Pesticide Registration in China

Botanical Pesticide Registration in China

China Microbial Pesticide Registration

China Fertilizer Registration and Filing

China Fertilizer Labelling Review

Chinese Safety Data Sheets for Fertilizers

Registration of Feed and Feed Additive in China

Europe & Americas

U.S. EPA Pesticide Registration

EU Biocides Regulation Services



China New Food Contact Substance Registration

China Food Supplements Registration and Notification

China Special Medical Purposes Food Registration

China Declaration of Compliance (DoC) for FCM

Labeling Review for Pet Food in China

Europe & Americas

EU Food Contact Materials Compliance

U.S. Food Contact Materials Compliance


Asia Pacific

China New Chemical Substance Registration

China Hazardous Chemicals Registration

China Chemical Import Trade Compliance

China GHS SDSs and Labelling

K-REACH Registration

K-BPR Compliance

Japan CSCL and ISHL

North America

TSCA Compliance

CAS Number Application

Canada New Substance Notification under CEPA

Canada Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) Services


EU REACH Registration

EU CLP Compliance

EU SVHC Notification

EU REACH Only Representative

EU BPR Compliance

UK REACH Registration

Switzerland New Substance Registration (Swiss REACH)


Global GHS SDSs and Labelling

Global Emergency Telephone Service

Global New Chemical Notifications


Europe & Americas

U.S. Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA)

U.S. Investigational New Drug (IND) Application

U.S. New Drug Application (NDA)

U.S. Drug Master File Document Production and Filing

U.S. New Dietary Ingredients (NDI) Notification

EU Active Substance Master File (ASMF) Production

EU Marketing Authorization Application (MAA)

EU Traditional Herbal Registration (THR)


China Drug Product Registration

China API Registration

China Pharmaceutical Excipient Registration

China Pharmaceutical Packaging Registration

Agrochemicals & Biocides

Asia Pacific

China Cosmetics Registration and Filing

China New Cosmetics Ingredient Registration and Filing

China Cosmetics Ingredient Quality and Safety Information Code Application

China Cosmetics Efficacy Claims Design/Review

China Cosmetics Safety Assessment Report

China Cosmetics Formula/Label/Claim Review

China Infants/Kids Cosmetics Registration

Application for Submission Code of Cosmetics Raw Materials in China

South Korea Cosmetics Compliance

South Korea Functional Cosmetics Compliance

Japan Cosmetics and Quasi-Drug Compliance

North America

Canadian Cosmetics Compliance

U.S. FDA Cosmetics Registration


EU Cosmetics Compliance

UK Cosmetics Compliance


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Committed to becoming the world 's most influential compliance service organization.

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Green, safe and sustainable development

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With extensive experience.

Customized services meet customers' needs.

Provide customers with fast and reliable compliance solutions.

Provide customers with the most comprehensive service at the best price.

Commitment to confidentiality of the content entrusted by the customer, and can sign a confidentiality agreement.

Alfa Chemistry provides one-stop global market access services to meet customer needs for product notification, registration, compliance consulting and more. If you want to know more about the service, please contact us immediately. Alfa Chemistry is always your project partner.