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    Focused Ion Beam (FIB)

    Focused ion beam technology (FIB) is to use an electric lens to focus the ion beam into a very small size ion beam to bombard the surface of the material to realize the stripping, deposition, implantation, cutting and modification of the material. FIB uses high-intensity focused ion beams for nano-processing of materials, and real-time observation with high-magnification electron microscopes such as scanning electron microscopes (SEM) has become the main method of nano-level analysis and manufacturing. FIB technology can use ion beam etching under the high resolution and clear image of SEM, which can make the profile in the specific micro area of the device very accurately, and FIB has no restriction on the sample material to be processed, and it can also be etched while using SEM to observe the progress in time, so that the processed profile has extremely high positioning accuracy. Because the sample receives very little stress during the whole process, the profile has good integrity. At present, FIB has been widely used in semiconductor integrated circuit modification, ion implantation, cutting, and failure analysis.

    Functions of FIB

    • Generate secondary electronic signal to obtain electronic image. This function is similar to SEM.
    • A high-current ion beam is used to strip the surface atoms to complete the micro- and nano-level surface topography processing.
    • Usually physical sputtering is combined with chemical gas reaction to selectively strip metal, silicon oxide layer or deposit metal layer.

    Applications & industries

    • In the IC production process, it is found that there is an error in the etching of the micro-area circuit. FIB cutting can be used to disconnect the original circuit, and then use a fixed area to spray gold to connect to other circuits to achieve circuit modification. The highest accuracy can reach 5 nm.
    • There are micro-nano-level defects on the product surface, such as foreign matter, corrosion, oxidation, etc. The interface between the defect and the substrate needs to be observed. FIB can be used to accurately locate and cut, prepare a cross-sectional sample of the defect location, and then use SEM to observe the interface.
    • For micron-sized samples, after surface treatment to form a thin film, the structure of the film and the bonding degree with the substrate need to be observed. The sample can be cut by FIB and then observed by SEM.
    • The ultra-thin sample of transmission electron microscope (TEM) is prepared by FIB, and the sample is thinned by the precise orientation of FIB, and the ultra-thin sample with thickness of about 100 nm can be prepared.

    Matters needing attention

    • The size of the sample is 5×5×1 cm. When the sample is too large, it needs to be cut and sampled.
    • The sample needs to be conductive, and the non-conductive sample must be sprayed with gold to increase conductivity.
    • The cutting depth must be less than 50 µm.


    • Focused ion beam (FIB) milling to characterize the fracture toughness of gold films

    Focused Ion Beam (FIB)

    • Preparation of micron-sized powder particles for transmission electron microscope samples by FIB

    Focused Ion Beam (FIB)

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