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  • Glow Discharge-Mass Spectrometry (GD-MS)

    As a direct analysis method of solid samples, Glow Discharge-Mass Spectrometry (GD-MS) is considered to be the only elemental analysis method with the widest range of analytical elements and sufficient sensitivity at the same time. It has become a powerful tool for multi-element analysis of solid materials, especially for high purity materials. The direct analysis of the solid avoids the stain and the decrease of sensitivity caused by the dissolution and dilution when converting the solid into solution, and the analytical area of the sample is large, and the data obtained by this method are representative.

    Glow Discharge-Mass Spectrometry (GD-MS)

    GD-MS has been widely used in the analysis of trace and ultra-trace impurities in metals, conductors, semiconductors, gases and other materials. In addition, GD-MS can also be well applied to the composition analysis of non-conductor materials such as glass, ceramics, and oxide powders.

    Instrument introduction

    • GD-MS adopts direct sampling technology, which can carry out element quantitative analysis without transforming the sample into solution, and the secondary pollution is small. Therefore, the quantitative accuracy of test and analysis is higher.
    • GD-MS combines a high-efficiency glow discharge ion source with a high-resolution mass spectrometer. It has high resolution and sensitivity, extremely low detection limits, good data reproducibility, and a single analysis of 74 elements is sufficient for high purity material analysis requirements.
    • GD-MS is an important and reliable method for the analysis of high purity materials (impurity content below ppm), such as B, P, Fe (detection limit is 6.7 ppb, 6.5 ppb, 0.3 ppb respectively). Most of the elements that can be measured are at the sub-ppb level.

    Main performance indicators of the instrument

    • Measurable element range
    • All the elements in the periodic table except hydrogen (H), including light elements such as C, N, O, P, S, which are difficult to determine by commonly used analytical methods.

    • Detection concentration range
    • Ultra-low detection limit, the detection limit of most elements is 0.1~0.001 μg·g-1.

    • Analysis speed
    • Fast, the results of multi-element analysis, small amount, trace and ultra-trace multi-element analysis can be given at one time.

    • Precision
    • High.

    Applications & industries

    • Metal and alloy materials
    • It includes semi-quantitative and quantitative analysis of trace impurities in high purity metals, sputtering targets, rare and precious metals, superalloys and other materals, and can analyze light elements such as C, N, O at the same time.

    • Semiconductor materials
    • Including impurity analysis of silicon wafer, CdTe, GaAs and other high purity electronic materials.

    • Inorganic non-metallic materials
    • Including ceramic powder, glass, rare earth oxide and other materials analysis.
      Thin layer analysis, depth profile analysis, etc.

    • Bulk metal analysis
    • Among all sample types analyzed by GDMS, bulk metals (such as high-purity metals, alloys) are the most ideal, and they are also the most important application areas.

    • Gas analysis
    • Since the use of gases (such as N2, O2, air, water vapor) can obtain stable glow discharge, GD-MS can also be used for gas analysis.

    • Surface and depth analysis
    • The atomization process of GD-MS is a cathodic sputtering process. The sample atoms are continuously stripped off layer by layer. The chemical composition reflected by the mass spectrum information also changes from the surface to the inside and changes with the sputtering process. Therefore, GD-MS can be used for in-depth analysis.

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