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    The IGA gas adsorption system is a precision instrument that uses the gravimetric method to study the adsorption performance of materials. It can automatically and reliably measure the weight change, pressure and temperature of the material, as well as other adsorption and desorption isothermal and pressure curves under different operating conditions, and evaluate the kinetic parameters of the process. The flexible IGA has been widely used to analyze the adsorption of carbon, catalysts, zeolites, and polymers.

    IGA Gas Adsorption System

    Device parameters

    • Sample weight range: 0-200 mg.
    • Weight resolution: 0.1 μg.
    • Vacuum degree: less than 10-6 mbar.
    • Pressure range: 0-2 MPa.
    • Temperature resolution: ±0.1oC.
    • Temperature range: -196-500 oC.
    • Heating rate: 0.05-50 oC/min.

    Scope of application

    • It can test the adsorption quality of solid or liquid to gas, and the temperature range is -196-500 oC.
    • The sample can be tested under inert conditions, and the sample can be recovered.
    • It can analyze the adsorption of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and argon.
    • Other gas adsorption tests will be discussed separately.

    Sample preparation

    • Powder solid samples.
    • Small particle samples.
    • Non-corrosive liquid samples.

    Application fields

    • Adsorption science and catalysis science.
    • Gas and vapor adsorption, in-situ pretreatment and quantitative vapor addition.
    • Dynamic and static multi-component adsorption, traditional measurement of specific surface area and pore size distribution.
    • Physical adsorption, use a selective probe to determine the effective specific surface area.
    • Chemical adsorption, using probe size to characterize pore size.
    • Decomposition reaction, determination of metal dispersion.
    • Adsorption equilibrium and kinetics, oxo synthesis.
    • Specific surface area, pore size distribution, TPD/TPR/TPO.
    • Hydrogen storage research, combined with mass spectrometry for escape gas analysis.

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