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  • Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

    Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) is a kind of analytical instrument which combines ICP technology and mass spectrometry. It can determine dozens of trace inorganic elements at the same time. It plays an important role in inorganic laboratory. It can be used for isotope analysis, single-element and multi-element analysis, and speciation analysis of metal elements in organic compounds. It has the advantages of extremely low detection limit, wide dynamic linear range, simple spectral lines, less interference, high precision and fast analysis speed.

    Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

    Characteristics of ICP-MS

    • The spectral line of ICP-MS is simple, and the detection mode is flexible and diverse.
    • Qualitative analysis is carried out by the ratio of mass to charge of spectral lines.
    • The approximate concentration range of all elements is determined by the full scan of the spectrum, that is, semi-quantitative analysis, no standard solution is needed, and the error of most element determination is less than 20%.
    • Quantitative analysis is carried out by calibration with standard solution, which is the most widely used function in daily analytical work.
    • With high sensitivity and high speed, the quantitative determination of dozens of elements can be completed in a few minutes.
    • The spectral line is simple and the interference is less than that of spectral technology.
    • The linear range can reach 7 to 9 orders of magnitude.
    • The preparation and introduction of samples are simpler than other mass spectrometry techniques.
    • It can be used not only for element analysis, but also for rapid determination of isotopic composition.
    • The measurement precision (RSD) can reach 0.1%.
    • Isotope ratio determination is an important function of ICP-MS, which can be used for the research and isotope tracing of tracing sources in textural, biological and Chinese medicine research.

    ICP-MS analysis performance

    • Measurement object: most metal elements and some non-metal elements.
    • Detection limit: 1 x 10-5 (Pt) ~159 (Cl) ng/mL.
    • Analysis speed: > 20 samples per hours.
    • Accuracy: RSD < 5%.
    • Ion source stability: excellent long-range stability.
    • Degree of automation: full automation and remote control from sampling to data processing.
    • Application scope: geology, environment, metallurgy, biology, medicine, nuclear industry.
    • Can determine the ratio of isotope.

    ICP-MS requirements for analysis and determination of samples

    • ICP-MS is mainly used for the quantitative analysis of metal elements and some non-metal elements in liquid samples.
    • All samples need to be processed into a clear solution containing no or a small amount of organic matter before they can be measured on the machine.
    • The determination of high content elements should be diluted by diluent (usually with ultra-pure water or dilute nitric acid) to a low concentration, so as to reduce the pollution and damage to the instrument components.

    The application field of ICP-MS

    • Environmental sample analysis: including tap water, surface water, sea water and all kinds of soil, sludge, waste, etc.
    • Analysis of trace pollutants in various materials and reagents in the semiconductor industry, such as high-purity reagents, high-purity metals, ultra-trace impurities in Si and CaAs wafers, photoresist and cleaning agents and other high matrix unstable samples.
    • Food analysis: quality control of food such as health and epidemic prevention, commodity inspection, tobacco and alcohol, identification of authenticity, etc.
    • Valence and speciation analysis of Cr, As, Pb, Sn and other elements in environmental toxicology, life science and other fields are carried out in conjunction with separation technology.
    • Analysis of samples of iron and steel, gold, glass, ceramics, mining and metallurgy.
    • Study on geology and isotope ratio.
    • Petrochemical sample analysis.
    • Nuclear industry analysis.

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