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    Raman spectroscopy is the inelastic scattering spectra of substances, which can provide a wealth of material structure information. It has become a basic method for studying the physical properties of materials and identifying the composition of materials. It is also an indispensable powerful tool.

    Raman spectroscopy is an important material analysis and testing technology, which can perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of substances. Qualitative analysis mainly includes substance identification, structure identification, crystal form analysis and crystallinity analysis, etc. Quantitative analysis mainly includes accurate stress size and concentration distribution through calibration.

    Raman Spectrometer


    • Raman spectroscopy can provide fast, simple, repeatable and, more importantly, non-invasive qualitative and quantitative analysis, which does not require sample preparation, which can be measured directly through an optical fiber probe or through glass, quartz, and optical fiber.
    • Because the Raman scattering of water is very weak, Raman spectroscopy is an ideal tool to study biological samples and chemical compounds in aqueous solution.
    • Raman can cover the range of 50-4000 wave-numbers at the same time, so it can analyze organic and inorganic materials, and even biological materials.
    • Raman spectrum peaks are clear and sharp, which is more suitable for quantitative research, database search, and qualitative research using difference analysis. In chemical structure analysis, the strength of the independent Raman interval can be related to the number of functional groups.
    • Because the diameter of the laser beam is usually only 0.2~2 mm at its focus, conventional Raman spectra can be obtained with only a small number of samples. This is a great advantage of Raman spectra over conventional infrared spectra.
    • Resonance Raman effect can be used to selectively enhance the vibration of specific chromophores of large biomolecules, and the Raman intensity of these chromogenic groups can be selectively enhanced by 1000 to 10000 times.

    Testing ranges

    Graphite, graphene, carbon, copolymer, silicon, film, mineral, starch, zircon, sucrose, etc.

    Testing projects

    Raman spectrum testing, micro-Raman spectrum testing, Raman spectrum molecular structure testing and so on.

    Industries & applications

    Raman Spectrometer

    • Petroleum Field
    • Detect the quality of petroleum products and qualitatively analysis the composition or type of petroleum products.

    • Food industry
    • Used for "verification" of food ingredients and "falsification" of adulterants.

    • Agriculture and animal husbandry
    • Classification and identification of agricultural and animal husbandry products.

    • Chemistry, polymer, pharmaceutical and medical related fields
    • Process control, quality control, ingredient identification, drug identification, disease diagnosis.

    • Criminal investigation and jewelry industry
    • Drug testing, jewelry identification.

    • Environmental protection
    • Water pollution monitoring, surface pollution detection and other organic pollutants.

    • Physics
    • Research on optical devices and semiconductor components.

    • Identification
    • Antiquities and antiques appraisal, public security criminal appraisal and other fields.

    • Geological field
    • On-site prospecting, quantitative and qualitative analysis of ore composition and research of inclusions, etc.

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