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    Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence, TXRF, a device and method for X-ray fluorescence analysis using primary X-ray beams to generate total reflection excitation on the sample surface. It is an ultra-trace multi-element surface analysis technique for very trace samples (ng level).

    Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence

    As a common element content analysis method, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy has a wide range of applications in scientific research, industry, life sciences and other fields. The emergence of TXRF has greatly expanded the application range of XRF, breaking the detection limit of traditional XRF, and realizing the detection of ultra-trace elements in liquid, solid, and thin films, with detection limits as low as ppb. TXRF is a good supplement to testing methods such as atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) or mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). It is an ideal choice for element content analysis in production, research and detection.

    TXRF technical specifications

    • Simultaneous analysis of multiple elements: nearly 30 elements can be analyzed at one time.
    • Low detection limit:
      • The lowest detection limit: pg level (10-12);
      • The lowest relative detection limit: ng/mL level (10-9);
    • A wide range of detection elements: from element 11 Na to element 92 U.
    • The sample amount is small: µL, µg level.
    • Powder samples, suspension samples, and flat solids can be directly analyzed, with the lowest detection limit reaching the ng/g level.
    • It can perform non-destructive analysis or non-standard sample analysis.
    • Short measuring time: generally between 10 seconds and 1000 seconds.
    • Input power: less than 500W.
    • High degree of automation and convenient operation.

    Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence


    • Cannot detect low-Z elements (below Na on periodic chart)
    • Polished surface required for best detection limits


    The application status and development prospects of TXRF element analyzer in the field of element analysis are encouraging. It can be widely used in the analysis and determination of major and trace elements in various fields such as geology and minerals, metallurgy, chemical industry, food, biology, medicine, environmental protection, legal inspection, archaeology, high-purity materials and so on. Especially in the surface quality control of silicon wafers in the semiconductor industry, it has an irreplaceable advantage.

    Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence

    Geology and minerals: gold ore, copper concentrate and nickel concentrate, fluorite, feldspar, antimony oxide

    Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence

    Metallurgy: nickel electrolyte, copper anode mud, precious metals in high matte nickel, spectral Rh, gold and silver jewelry, cast iron, bearings

    Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence

    Chemical industry: sulfur content in diesel, various catalysts, ceramic glaze

    Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence

    Environmental protection: tap water, atmospheric dust, sewage sludge

    Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence

    Biology: marine animal teeth and body fluids

    Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence

    Medicine: beneficial and harmful elements in hair and nails, harmful trace elements in salvia

    Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence

    Food: beneficial and harmful elements in beverages

    Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence

    Criminal Investigation and Forensic Medicine: appraisal of samples at the scene of the crash

    TXRF application examples

    • Analysis of various water samples
    • TXRF is particularly suitable for water sample analysis. For rainwater and river water with little salt content, 10~20 trace elements can be determined directly after sample preparation, and the detection limit is 1000~3000 ng/kg.

    • Semiconductor material process analysis
    • The production process of semiconductor silicon materials for large-scale integrated circuits must strictly control the surface pollution, especially the pollution of transition metal elements. TXRF is an ideal analytical method for surface contamination control of semiconductor silicon materials.

    • Analysis of rare earth elements in geological materials
    • When TXRF is used to analyze rare earth elements in geological samples, the sample only needs to be treated into solution, and the sample is prepared and measured after adding internal standard.

    • Analysis of trace impurity elements in high purity aluminum
    • High-purity aluminum requires the analysis of 20~30 trace impurity elements, the content range of which is ng~µg/g. Except for Fe and Zn, the detection limit of the TXRF method is 1~2 orders of magnitude lower than that of the FAAS method among the impurities measured, again showing that TXRF is a highly sensitive analytical method.

    • Nuclear fuel reprocessing and radioactive process analysis
    • Because of the strong radioactivity of the process solution, the amount of sampling should be as small as possible, and the detection limit of the method should be as low as possible, so as to reduce the radioactive dose and secondary radioactive waste to the operator. TXRF can meet the above requirements very well.

    T,C&A Lab is a scientific research testing laboratory, providing TXRF analysis and testing services. The TXRF analysis and testing data will be issued in about 3-7 working days. If you need anything, please feel free to contact us.


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    Note: this service is for Research Use Only and Not intended for clinical use.

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